Under Eye Serum

15 ml

Melalumin® Under Eye Serum with a roll-applicator is specially formulated with active ingredients to provide fast & effective results on dark circles and eye puffiness. Designed to ensure even application of the serum, it naturally whitens your skin, reduces the appearance of dark circles, and prevents collagen reduction, leaving behind de-puffed eyes with no dark circles.


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Key Ingredients:

Key Ingredients:


  • Reduces eye puffiness 1
  • Reduces the appearance of dark circles 3
  • Controls Cellulite Deposition 5
  • 2 Controls pigmentation
  • 4 Naturally whitens your undereye
  • 6 Reduces Collagen Degradation
  • 8 1Reduces eye puffiness
  • 10 2Controls pigmentation
  • 12 3Reduces the appearance of dark circles
  • 14 4Naturally whitens your undereye
  • 16 5Controls Cellulite Deposition
  • 18 6Reduces Collagen Degradation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Melalumin® Under Eye Serum is a clinically proven under-eye serum that contains multiple active ingredients like Aldavine 5X, Tyrostat 09, and Lanachrys 2B to reduce under-eye dark circles & eye puffiness.

No, the Melalumin® Under Eye Serum contains no steroids.

The Melalumin® Under Eye Serum should be applied twice daily or as directed by the physician.

The Melalumin® Under Eye Serum requires no weaning-off. Its use can be stopped immediately if required

Yes, Melalumin® Under Eye Serum can be used in winter. It is suitable for use in all seasons.