Depigmenting Cream

15 g

Melalumin® Depigmenting Cream is specially formulated to work on all melanin cycle stages effectively. The cream lightens, hydrates, protects and exfoliates your skin to encourage healthy, beautiful skin. It uses a comprehensive strategy to provide your skin with essential nutrients, resulting in skin that is even-toned and appears healthy.


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Key Ingredients:

Key Ingredients:


  • Promotes skin-cell regeneration 1
  • Balances moisture 3
  • Controls melanin production 5
  • 2 Fights hyperpigmentation
  • 4 Even tones your skin
  • 6 Boosts skin repair
  • 8 1 Promotes skin-cell regeneration
  • 10 2Fights hyperpigmentation
  • 12 3 Balances moisture
  • 14 4Even tones your skin
  • 16 5 Controls melanin production
  • 18 6Boosts skin repair

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Frequently Asked Questions

Melalumin® Depigmenting Cream is a mixture of melanin suppressors and UV protectants that helps to maintain even skin tone and minimize pigmentation problems naturally. It also has unique ingredients like CosmeVit DCx that provides nourishment leaving skin healthy and luminous.

No, the Melalumin® Depigmenting Cream contains no steroids.

The Melalumin® Depigmenting Cream should be applied twice daily or as directed by the physician.

The Melalumin® Depigmenting Cream requires no weaning-off. Its use can be stopped immediately if required.

Yes, Melalumin® Depigmenting Cream can be used in winter. It is suitable for use in all seasons.