Melalumin® Elbow &
Knee Cream

50 g

Melalumin Elbow & Knee Cream’s multi-action formula is designed using patented skin penetration enhancer technology that increases the absorption of phytonutrients in the skin and enhances its effectiveness. The skin lightening property lightens dark areas, its exfoliating power removes the dead skin build-up, and moisturization softens the skin.


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Key Ingredients:

Key Ingredients:


  • Lightens dark areas 1
  • Stimulates new cell generation 3
  • Skin Softens & smoothens skin 5
  • 2 Removes dead skin
  • 4 Locks moisture in the skin
  • 6 Evens skin tone
  • 8 1 Lightens dark areas
  • 10 2 Removes dead skin
  • 12 3 Stimulates new cell generation
  • 14 4 Locks moisture in the skin
  • 16 5 Skin Softens & smoothens skin
  • 18 6 Evens skin tone

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Frequently Asked Questions

Melalumin® EK Elbow & Knee Cream offers a comprehensive management strategy. Its skin-lightening properties aid in removing dark pigmentation on the elbows and knees, exfoliation removes thick and scaly build-up, and moisturization helps soften and hydrate the skin.

No, the Melalumin® Knee & Elbow Cream contains no steroids.

The Melalumin® Knee & Elbow Cream should be applied twice or thrice daily or as directed by the physician.

The Melalumin® Knee & Elbow Cream requires no weaning-off. Its use can be stopped immediately if required.

Yes, Melalumin® Knee & Elbow Cream can be used in winter. It is suitable for use in all seasons.